Roy Nery – bass‚ vocalsRoy Nery

Born into a family of musicians, Roy’s first musical forays were inspired by his older brother Gene – first the alto sax, and then the guitar. Roy recalls sitting in his room as a teenager learning his first power chords with Boston blasting nearby on the record player.

Over the years, Roy’s natural musical ability has enabled him to learn songs by ear and gain proficiency on the guitar and bass. Training with noted guitar instructor Simon Jarrett helped him further develop his skills.

His musical influences are varied, ranging from rock to jazz, and he counts Boston, Rush, Eddie Van Halen, FourPlay, Larry Carlton, George Benson and many others among his musical icons.

Roy played rhythm guitar for the band for several years before switching to bass. These days, he loves laying down the bass line that helps provide the structure for the music the band plays.

On the technical side, Roy’s musical experiences have ranged from DJing in the disco era to engineering PA systems used everywhere from private venues and churches to nightclubs and large outdoor venues. He provides his sound equipment at a discount price to Another Round clients, as he is committed to providing the highest quality of both performance and sound.

Emi Turner – vocals
Philippe Roulston – guitar‚ keys‚ vocals
Carlos Silva – guitar‚ vocals
Pat Dronsky – drums‚ vocals