Philippe Roulston – guitar, keys‚ vocalsPhilippe Roulston

Philippe is Another Round’s most recent addition. His musical influences vary from Bowie to the Beatles, from Led Zeppelin to Lenny Kravitz, from Paul Simon to Peter Gabriel to the Police, and many artists in between. He finds fun in a wide variety of musical styles, and chooses instruments that will make the most authentic contribution to the music.

He learned guitar at first just to accompany himself singing, and turned that into weekly shows in several Vancouver pubs for many years. Piano is the only instrument he’s been formally trained on, and he likes the flexibility and texture that keyboards bring to Another Round.

Whatever the instrument, Philippe loves the stage, and loves to get people moving.

Emi Turner – vocals
Carlos Silva – guitar‚ vocals
Roy Nery – bass‚ vocals
Pat Dronsky – drums‚ vocals