Pat Dronsky – drums‚ vocalsPat Dronsky

Pat started what would evolve into Another Round in 2006. Casual jamming turned into more serious endeavors and acquiring the talented lineup that we have today.

Playing with Another Round lets Pat balance his passion for hard rock with a desire to play music that people want to hear – hence Another Round’s dual guitar approach to playing classic dance tunes from yesterday to today. Pat’s decent haircut and tasteful attire hide the fact that he is (at least musically) stuck in the ’80s.

Pat’s drumming influences are mostly some heavy hitters from the ’80s: Nicko McBrain (for his technicality), Eric Carr (for his originality), Tommy Lee (for his power), and Phil Rudd (for his ability to lay down a steady unpretentious back beat).

Pat also plays other instruments including guitar and bass, and sings lead on a few selections. He likes to think of himself as the drum-seat based spiritual guide of the band... like Mick Fleetwood or Don Henley. Whether this is in fact the case remains to be seen, and may be a sign of serious delusion.

Emi Turner – vocals
Philippe Roulston – guitar‚ keys‚ vocals
Carlos Silva – guitar‚ vocals
Roy Nery – bass‚ vocals