Why should I hire Another Round rather
than a DJ?

A DJ spinning CDs can simply not match
the energy and excitement generated by a
live band performance. We’ll help get your
party started and keep the energy level
high to create a memorable night for your
crowd, at a cost that’s competitive with
what many DJs charge.

What kind of music does Another
Round play?

We perform danceable hits from the ’70s
to today – songs we all know and love.
Our music is selected for danceability and
appeal, and new songs are continually
added. Check out our song list.

Do you take requests?

Depending on the lead time, we may
be able to accommodate some limited
requests. However, most of what we
play comes from our main song list. This
ensures we can always provide a tight,
high-quality performance – which, for any
band, can only be achieved through many
hours of rehearsals.

Where has your band performed?

Our credits as Another Round (and
previous incarnations of the band) include
private parties, dances, fundraisers and
outdoor venues. Individually, our band
members have performed on a variety of
stages, including the Yale, the Granville
Street Festival, BC Lions pre-game show,
Burnaby Winter Club, weddings, clubs
and festivals.

What are your rates?

You’ll be surprised at how affordable we
are. Our rates vary based on the size of
event, length of performance and the work
involved. Rates include three hours of
setup time prior to the event and one hour
of takedown time afterwards, plus travel
anywhere in the Lower Mainland.

We offer a discounted rate for fundraisers.
A customized sound package is also
available at a discounted rate, and we can
coordinate rentals at a nominal cost for
custom lighting and other effects.

What do we need to consider?
  • Venue: We don’t require an elevated
    stage, but we do need a performance
    area of at least 12 by 10 feet, with at
    least 2 electrical outlets nearby. Please
    ensure your venue is aware you will be
    hiring a live band.
  • Sound: We can provide a complete
    high–quality custom sound package at a
    discounted rate.
  • Lighting/effects: We can coordinate
    rentals at a nominal cost of suitable
    equipment to create the ambiance you
  • Timeframe: If you are using our sound
    equipment, entry to the venue is required
    three hours before the event begins.
    Takedown requires about an hour. If
    possible, the band would like to be able
    to visit the venue prior to the event to
    review the space and electrical setup.

Contact us for a quote or other details.